Friday, October 9, 2009

Our little man...

Beautiful view....

Attempting to calm Alek down-Cj looks so cute with the baby backpack on! haha!

Daddy and son reading time. :)

Alek's little chompers.

The first attempt at feeding himself

Wow....October 22nd Alek will be five months old. I can hardley believe it. Time goes so fast! I love every minute with him. Waking up to him, is the most amazing thing ever. I, of course, have a baby monitor in his room and one in mine. In the mornings, he doesnt wake up screaming or crying, he wakes up " talking". Usually to his fan or the picture on his wall, but it consists of " ba ba ba ba mmmmmmmbbbaaaa.....babababa ma ma ma" haha! I love it. Just random babble. But I will sit and listen to it and smile every morning when I hear it, then I will walk over to his room and peak my head over his crib. And he will look at me with a very surprised look like, " how did you hear me!?". This little handsome beast is eating 7oz. of formula and a jar of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I thought for a while I was "over-feeding" so I tried to downsize on meals a little, and that did NOT go over well with him. So I just continue to feed him as much as he wants, when he wants. As he was eating his squash, he was trying very hard to control the spoon I was holding (apparantly I was not putting it in his mouth fast enough) so after a couple times of fighting his hand of the spoon so squash did not go flying everywhere, I let him take control of it. He actually impressed me, and did pretty well with it. At the end he had squash in his nose, on his eye lids, and in his ears but, hey, he fed himself!

He has been rolling over for about a month now, so now Im trying to work with him on crawling. As I was unpacking MORE boxes yesterday, I put a blanket on the floor with some toys and let him go. He sort of just rolled around the room a couple times, going back and forth from wall to wall....then he figured out he could use his toes to scoot himself around! Funny. Most kids start off doing the "army crawl" or just straight up " crawling". Nope not ours, he decides to use his toes to push himself. I will post a video of it soon. Entertaining to say the least.

So, as most of you know, Cj and I are always out doing something on the weekends. We really never have a weekend " around the house". This past weekend, we went up in the mountains and went fishing. (Yes, with Alek). We found out REALLY quick that he is not a fisherman. Cj and I took turns rocking, bouncing, feeding, burping, changing poopy diapers, and singing to Alek. Because there are not many lakes in Tucson, Arizona....the one lake we were at, everyone else was at as well. So I couldnt let Alek cry himself to sleep like I do at home. And as most of you know, he has QUITE the attitude when he is sleepy, you would think the kid is loosing a limb. So anyway, after about 15 minutes of pure screaming, and a few dirty looks from other people fishing, he fell sound asleep, and I put the worm on my hook...threw my line in the water and I had a fish on!! I was so excited, probably a little too excted over a 2 lbs rainbow trout. haha!

As for me, I am still looking for a job. Im pretty sure I posted my resume on every hiring website out there! It is very frustrating. So if I dont hear something in the next week, I am enrolling myself full time for nursing school and devoting myself to that. As for Jonathan, well....that is a work in progress and I will have him in no time. Definetly for Christmas. He is so excited to see Alek. Last time he saw him was when Alek was a week old! Cj is liking the A-10 world ( he was stationed here before Okinawa). I can say that I see him a lot more here than I did in Okinawa!

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