Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jonathan is coming home!

Jonathan will be here in November, and I could not be more excited!!! It has been way too long ( 5 months and 4 days to be exact). We are heading up to Michigan for Thanksgiving, we decided to drive because we have to bring back some furniture of mine I left at my parents house before moving to Japan. Sooo...it will be intresting making a trip clear across the U.S. with a 5 month old little boy who absolutly HATES riding in his car seat. Yay! But we are excited, I have not been back home since 2005. I am looking forward to it. And of course CJ cant wait to go hunting! So right after poor Jonathan gets off the hellacious 19 hour flight from Okinawa to here, he will have to turn around two days later and get in a car for 2-3 days driving. Poor Jonathan. We are hoping for snow on the ground for thanksgiving, I just miss it enough to play in it for a few days and then turn around and come back to my warm weather in Arizona! :)

In the pictures above, Jonathan in his costume as a "fighter pilot", at school, and on his dirt bike.

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  1. wOw!!! I hope you guys have a fun filled Thanksgiving with all the family! BTW, He looks so cute!