Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Catching up a bit...

It's been so long since I have wrote anything on here. We got so busy and I just forgot to write and since then I have had a few people ask me about the blog and our updates. Since I have last wrote, a few things have changed. First and foremost, we decided to get out of the Air Force. As much as I will miss it, we are ready to put roots down and stay put. We couldnt be happier about our decision. We are living in Florida and loving it. Jonathan spent the summer with us, as we had a very busy summer. Jonathan got to experience a "real road trip". He is use to the 2 hour to trip to the north part of the island. This summer he got to experience a trip from Kansas to Michigan, then back to Arizona. =) To say the least, he was very excited for the first 4 hours of the trip and then he was ready to get to our final destination! I told him that not too many 8 year olds can say that they have, literally, traveled the world in less than a month! Jonathan can! From his trip from Japan to California and seeing his uncle's, cousins, and grandma out there to meeting me in Kansas and then driving to Michigan to see my side of the family and then back to Arizona and then moving to Florida! He has been everywhere. Not once did he complain either! Espicially seeing that his 1 year old brother got car sick half way through Lousiania! We had a very fun summer though and like anytime when you have a blast, it went by way too fast!

Alek is doing good. When he turned 8 months old, we were all sure he was going to be walking by the time he was 12 months. He was pulling himself up to everything and "cruising" along the side of everything to get what he wanted. But when 12 months came and he still had not taken that initial step, it was no big deal. When he got to 13-14 months and still was not walking, I started get a little concerned. His vocabulary took off at 11-12 months and he could sit and put together a puzzle all day long. But he was still not walking, so when I asked his doctor about it he said that it was fine and not to be concerned until he was about 18 months. So in the back of my mind, of course, I was still a little concerned but didnt worry too much about it. The doctor was very surprised by his vocabulary, and explained that he is excelling everywhere and because he still had not reached 21 lbs ( he is at 20lbs) that it might have something to do with that. So I continue to work with him on everything. He is saying about 35-40 consistent words, tells you where your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and toes are, counts to three (although when he says the number 3, he leaps off whatever it is he is standing on trusting way too much that whoever is near by will catch him and belly laughs the entire time!). We have also learned, that his little ears will pick up anything he hears, even if the conversation is on the other side of the grocery store! (Yikes)

So the other night, we decide that because we do not get babysitter's all that often, it would be nice to have a nice dinner out, just the two of us. Let me clarify that we do not do dinner "out" with Alek anymore. Alek and restaurants do not mix well! It is a constant battle with temper tantrum....not fun. So anyway, Cj and I are out at a dinner, we had been gone maybe 45 minutes, and Cj's mom calls us to tell us that Alek stood up in the middle of the room and just took off walking/running and has not gone back to crawling. I couldnt believe it. After months of me trying to get him to walk, barley holding his hand and him walking everywhere but refusing to take those steps by himself, he does it the minute I leave! So needless to say, when we got home he was ohhh so excited to show off his new ability! When he walks, he holds up his right hand for balance but we cant but laugh because it is only his right hand he holds up and it kind of looks like he is riding some wild bull! =) I have noticed so many changes in him in the past week since this has started. I can't believe it! Because he is burning so much more energy, he is a bottomless pit now ( I am definetly not complaining because if anyone knows Alek they know he is the pickiest eater ever!!), and his vocabulary has picked up even more now. He is starting to put sentences together, very clearly I must say!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sorry for the delay...

I know that this is only a breif message, however for those of you who are following our blog, we will be updating it soon. There have been quite a few changes in the Boyer family household and we will be bringing them to you live in a few days. So if you are thinking about changing that channel... dont touch that dial we will be right back after a breif message from our sponsors. BTW, there are no sponsors so you have time to fill the popcorn and drinks :)