Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 months?! Already?!!??!!!!

I am truly blessed to have such a great family. I was for SURE when I found out I was pregnant with Alek that he might just be a very difficult child! Jonathan was SO easy when he was a baby, so I was for sure that Alek was not going be so easy. I do have to say, he is a very easy going little guy ( or should I say big guy?!). The only time he ever really cries is when he is tired. You would think he is loosing a limb, the kid screams so loud you will think something is really wrong until you lay him down and let him fight it out and literally, about 10 minutes later is passed out and not even a rock concert in his bedroom would wake him up!! He is the most amazing person. I know it is sooo "cliche" to say that children change your life. But noone really understands that until they carry a child for 9 months (or the spouse) and then hold that child in your arms for the first time. I am so very blessed to have two beautiful, intelligent, busy little boys! Alek amazes me every day with something new he has learned. We always buy toys that are just a little above his learning abilities, and it does not take him long to figure out how to use it or play with it. We have these interchangeable rings on his car seat that you can hang anywhere and adjust them. He has figured out how to change the rings out. It is absolutly amazing how smart he is! I could go on and on about my babies! But anyway, he will be 5 months old tomorrow!! Growing like a week. We have changed his baby food to "stage 2" baby food, because that stage 1 stuff just was CLEARLY not enough for this little monster. He is loving this new baby food. I was a little worried at first that his belly might not be able to handle it, but if I can puree some banana's up for him, why couldnt I give him this stage 2 food? It is pretty much the same. So, come to find out, he loves it. There is so much more of a variety with the stage 2 as well. I gave him puree ham with vegetables the other night ( eww!!) and he did NOT like it. haha! He would push the spoon away and spit it back out. So that was a no go. But he loves chicken, vegatbles, sweet potatoes ( loves sweet potatoes!), any fruit, and pretty much everything else that is edible (except ham!). We are so very proud of how far he has come since his life changing experience of getting 80% of his colon taken out. You would never ever know he had anything like that done. Amazing. We are looking forward to letting the rest of the family meet him over the holidays.

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