Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alek....almost 4 months

I cannot believe he is almost 4 months. He has come so far and impressed us so much! He has his two bottom teeth in and is getting his two top ones. He seems to do alright with teething. It has been 7 years since I have had to deal with the whole baby teething thing! It seems like Iam new at it again! haha! But he doesnt really fuss a whole lot, just chews on his hands and drools everywhere. Poor baby! But he is doing really good. He is rolling everywhere. Its hard to change his diaper because he wants to move around! haha! he will roll over to his belly and kind of do a little army crawl type thing. Still hasnt figured out how to do it and go, but he is working on it! Right now, he just rolls to get where he needs to go! haha! He weighs about 16lbs ( he has made up for lost time!). He didnt get to eat for the first 26 days of his life, so he is definetly doing well now. He eats about 6 oz with rice in each bottle and one jar of baby food with each feeding. He has such a great personality. Alek is usually always in a good mood. Unless he is tired or hungrey. He is like his mommy and gets cranky when he is tired. :) He laughs about everything and it almost seems like he is trying to talk, he will look at the stickers on his wall and stare very hard at them and kind of make a " bbbbbb" sound. A little while before he starts talking.....but he is trying!

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