Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to out process...

Today was the day that Cj flew back to Japan to outprocess the base and the house. Alek and I will stay here in Hawaii and CJ will fly here when he is done ( about two weeks) and pick us up and we will fly to Arizona together as a family. Alek is doing awesome. He is working on sitting up by himself....he is not quite there yet, but I give him another two weeks or so and he probably will be sitting up. He is absolutly amazing. He has been sleeping through night for about a month now and he always has the biggest smile on his face. I love it. I love waking up to him every morning and seeing his sweet face.

Poor Cj has to take on the WORLD and I literally mean the WORLD when he gets back to Okinawa. He has to get our entire house packed up, paint the house ( the house I HAD to paint 4 months ago), outprocess his squadron, then out process the base, try and figure out how in the world we are going to our dog stateside with us. Come to find out long nosed dogs cannot fly when the temp. is over 85. So we have to try and figure out how we will get her with us. Getting rid of her just is not an option. So poor Cj has his hands full. Unfortunatly there is not too much I can do from here. So Iam helplessly waiting for him.

On a more selfish note, I definetly do not like that fact that Alek and I are stuck here in Okinawa by ourselves. Everyone says " What better place to be stuck than Hawaii". Yes it is beautiful here but Iam very much ready to get to our new home! We have been living in a hotel and a hospital for almost three months.

We have been looking at houses, and we will more than likely rent for the first 6-12 months and after that we will be buying our first house together in Tucson! We are ecstatic to get there and get Alek settled it and start over! It will be nice. And.....Jonathan will be joining us. So as you can imagine, I could not be happier! I have 4lbs to go until Iam at my pre-baby weight. I have been "stuck" at 4lbs out for about two weeks now! Iam actually shooting for about 10 lbs total to loose. That will be ideal. :) But...Iam still 4lbs out from my prebaby weight. My old clothes fit me, and Iam pretty happy about that! It took me about 4 months with Jonathan. Iam sure it will be alot easier to work out after I get out of this hotel room! haha!

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