Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alek is 8 weeks/ orders to Arizona

So, it has been a while since we have written in our blog. ( Sorry about that). Alek has pretty much made a full recovery. The doctors are absolutly blown away with how fast he recovered. For a while, he was having a very very bad diaper rash, so bad it was bleeding. So we were constantly worried about it. The doctor prescribed a very hard to find, diaper rash paste for his butt. It works great, only one problem. It is nearly impossible to get. We have to go through a tube in a half in a 24 hour period just to keep his butt somewhat comfortable for him. For 5 tubes of this stuff it us $200. We are in a run around with the insurance company about paying for it. But other than that, Alek is doing wonderful. He is smiling and laughing now. I love it! He is sleeping through the night, he has been doing that for about two weeks now. He goes to bed around 11 and wakes up around 6. Works for me! I love waking up to his smiling face. But he can change his mood REAL quick....if he gets hungrey or has even the slightest wet diaper...everyone knows within a one mile radius! haha! The boy has some lungs, that for sure. But he is amazing. We are so proud of him. He has been through so much and you would never know by looking at him. In fact, the doctor did her " two month assesment" on him at his appointment and he is ahead of his age group according to her. She says with everything he is doing ( lifting his head up as high as he does, holding his weight up with his legs, trying to crawl if you lay him on his belly) he is ahead and by the "books" at about 2 months and three weeks. So of course, we are happy!

Now, people say " do you guys do this, watching your baby go through all of this?" I have to say, it is really one of those things where you really have no choice but to just stay strong and you do whatever you can to make him comfortable. With everything he has went through, after the IV's and tubes, and most of all the would think his 8 week immunizations would be NO big deal for me, right!? WRONG!!! I was sooo sure I would be alright to go in there with him and "hold him down" so they can give him his 4 shots. I held him down and that doctor stuck him with that needle in his little leg and he looked up at me with his big brown eyes and they filled up with these big ol' teers and I started crying! Then I held him for the rest of the day! Poor little guy. But he is doing good.

On another note, in case you havent heard....WE GOT ORDERS TO TUCSON, ARIZONA!!!! That was our first base of choice. So we could not be happier that we got that base! CJ was stationed there for three years before moving out to Japan. So he knows the area really well. Jobs seem to be decent out there from what I saw online, which is awesome! We will, more than likely, be there for good because Alek can only be one hour driving distance from a pediatric GI and CJ has only certain jets he can work. So anyway, we are very very happy to be moving to Arizona. It will be really nice living state side again. Japan was a great experience but Iam ready for the US again! :) We are still in Hawaii right now. Cj has to go back to Okinawa only to out process the base and get the house all packed out. Alek and I will stay in Hawaii ( because Alek obviously cannot go back there) and CJ will come down here and pick us up and we will fly to Arizona together. So, in about three weeks or so..we should be in Arizona!

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