Monday, June 8, 2009

Team Alek!!

So as everyone as heard, we are in Hawaii being seen at Tripler Medical Center. Alek got sent here on a medical evacuation. He is being seen by one of the best Pediatric surgeons and one of the best Pediatric Doctors. They took a biopsy the day we flew in, and we are waiting on the results from that. They are leaning towards Hirshsprungs disease or small left colon. Both of which will need follow up appoitments here in the states....therefore, they are looking at a re-location assignment for Cj to get stationed here in the states. Iam very impressed with these doctors, they really know their stuff! He got released from the hospital on Saturday because all of his vitals are good and he is pooping on his own ( yay!), and since we are just waiting on the results there was no real reason to keep him there. So he is with us at the hotel. So today, we had a chance to actually get out and see Honolulu a little bit with Alek. Since we both stayed up with Alek until 5am...we all slept pretty late. (He likes to hang out all night and not go to sleep). So after waking up, we went to Pearl Habor and went to the memorial.

If the results from the biopsy come back okay, Alek will be monitored by the doctors for a week or two and maybe sent back to Japan at that time. If they come back and there is something wrong, then obviously we will be staying. And more than likely Cj will have to fly back to Okinawa and out process while I stay here with Alek. If they come back with something wrong, we will come back to the states now and not wait. Alek amazes me...he has been through so much in the first two weeks of his life and he is still going strong. He has been poked with so many needles it doesnt even phase him anymore! The only time he cries is when someone comes at him with a tube to go up his butt for an enema! Poor guy.

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