Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My favorite time of year!

So it's my favorite time of year! Christmas is so fun. Nothing is better than getting together with family and talking about good memories and decorating everything together! :) Growing up, we always spent Christmas at my grandma's house..and she would decorate every room in her house and it was so beautiful! Christmas this year will be very different however, Jonathan wont be here. He will be with his dad in Japan, so it will be my first Christmas away from him. It will be intresting, to say the least. The day after thanksgiving, Cj and I were out hanging up our Christmas lights and putting up our REAL Christmas tree! Yay!! Last year we woke up at 4 am to get a real tree from the BX in Okinawa, because they sold out so fast. My husband was determined to get a real one last year... haha! We did. This year, there was no waking up at 4 am and waiting in line. We drove right to the tree farm and picked one out! I was a little concerned at first with a very mobile baby and a real Christmas anyone could guess..I was worried about pine needles that shed endlessly from the tree daily and a baby who puts every little thing in his mouth thinking it's food! So far, so good. I have ran the vacuum every day, however, also. I am very excited to have my family come down to Arizona for Christmas! It has been YEARS since I have spent Christmas with them. Although, I was hoping to see a little snow on Christmas morning ( because it's just NOT the same without it--I will be taking a trip up the mountain to see snow). As soon as I am happy with the way the house looks, I will be posting a finished picture of it! I am not done putting up lights outside ( Cj thinks we are). So, pictures to come! In the mean time..while putting up the tree and drinking hot chocolate ( so yummy!) Alek found the garlin and thought it was the best thing ever! Ahhh the simple things, right?! He got all wrapped up in it and every time he grabbed ahold of it, he would let out this loud belly laugh and roll over onto it. Haha! It was the funniest thing to watch. I was worried about him putting the garlin in his mouth ( I am such a mom, I know), but surprisingly, he was not fond of the texture of it all. So he never tried to eat it..thank god. So anyway, I had to get pictures, of course. can he go through life without a naked baby butt picture!? It was so cute, I couldn't pass it up. Now to store these away until he is about 16 and show all those girls! ;)

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