Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guam 2008

So we got a bit bored and we decided to make a run from this little hole in the middle of nowhere, so that is where Guam came into our lives. We flew from here in okinawa down to Guam for a week of relaxation and time to us. We enjoyed the company of each other and the beautiful rays of the tropical island. (At least one that doesn't suck the life from your very soul.) This is where we found time to kayak, snorkel and shop in some american stores!!!!! Hell we even spent a WHOLE day doing nothing but watching movies at the Guam Mall Theater. Boy Steffany sure needs help picking good movies...... After our long trying days of learning to be a married couple, we even found the time to get to a few of the bars and have our first drinks as a couple.... yikes!!!!

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